Emotional Intelligence

W O N D E R   I S   T H E   B E G I N N I N G   O F   W I S D O M

– S O C R A T E S


The Deep End engages the intersections between creativity, emotion and intellect by providing a framework to experience feelings and embrace challenge. With compassion and empathy, workshops create an environment to feel pain and a platform for growth. 


W H A T   W E   D O 

– Teach about emotional intelligence
– Guide through experiential practice
– Use art as a tool for expression
– Create an environment to feel
– Hold space to process emotions
– Support with compassion and empathy


H O W   W E   D O   I T   

– Facilitate workshops that utilize creativity
– Empower clients to embrace challenge
– Engage intellect, emotion and creativity
– Employ customized curriculums


W H Y   I T   W O R K S   

– Develops coping skills
– Curbs destructive behavior
– Promotes confidence
– Encourages well-being
– Stimulates growth
– Reduces shame



DR. TRACEY ADAMS  |  Founder, ThriveOn Seminars | Portland, OR
Chacha Sands is one of those rare facilitators that can help participants uncover areas about themselves they may be afraid to confront. Her sessions are hands-on, practical, and they get to the depths of emotional discovery unlike surface learning workshops. You really need to just experience her to truly understand the gifts that she brings to the work of emotional intelligence development. I can describe it as art, meets therapy, meets meditation, meets mindfulness, meets self-expression. She is brilliant.

DR. MARK MOORE | Owner, The Village Vet at Sterling Ridge | The Woodlands, TX
I have attended two of Chacha's art therapy workshops; one in conjunction with an adult class I facilitated on the value of the arts, and one that was offered through a local recovery program with which I am familiar.  Each session was tailor-made to be appropriate for the demographic of the participants. Each was non-threatening in an environment created to be safe, yet encourage real self-honesty and healthy self-awareness.  In both sessions, the outcomes for each individual were manifold and profound. Chacha is uniquely and naturally gifted in pushing the envelope without ripping it open. She is winsome, kind-hearted, tender and gentle. She also knows how to unlock the doors that many of us have avoided for all of our lives. You owe it to yourself to invest in yourself by availing yourself to this phenomenal exercise. 

DEBBIE ORTIZ | Development Director, Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans | Houston, TX
Chacha is a phenomenally astute, compassionate, dedicated and adaptive woman with a wonderful “can do” and persevering attitude, great aplomb, and an incredible array of creative tools and insightful talents. She shows deep compassion for others, and has the determination to get any job done. I would highly recommend her for any project or position to which she aspires.
I have had the privilege and good fortune to work with Cha Cha Sands on several occasions. She directed a group of troubled adolescents to produce low-cost museum-quality art pieces, overcoming challenges. Leading art therapy workshops for both young and old individuals who have experienced trauma, she never lost her composure and worked extremely well with all.  She single-handedly designed and executed an incredible special event set-up, developing all the concepts and coordinating needed materials, supplies, and volunteers, never once complaining when obstacles arose. 

CAITLIN RUDERMAN | Wraparound Youth Partner, Youth Era | Portland, OR
Chacha exudes strength, warmth, and authenticity. One conversation with her is enough to see that she truly practices what she preaches. Her guidance in my life has proved invaluable–she has taught me to lean into fear and open my arms to love in ways I've never imagined, giving me the strength to survive, and even find joy in, the times in life that seem unsurvivable. She's shown me how to navigate life with grace, dignity, and, most importantly, self-compassion. It is with her direction and teachings that I have been able and willing to walk through some of the most difficult times I have ever experienced, becoming stronger, more grounded, and more whole. Since working with her, I have uncovered a strength and authenticity within me that I never saw before. I can trust myself, I can know myself, and I can live, fully and thoroughly, with expansiveness and love. 



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