W O R K S H O P S

Using art as a vehicle for communication, workshops are designed to encourage participants to confront tough or uncomfortable feelings, addressing an array of common issues such as low self-esteem and destructive behavior. Through facilitated guidance and direction, participants are taught how to channel their feelings into creative expression while getting support in new and indirect ways. Workshops can be highly emotional and intimate - they are never art class. 

C O N T R A C T I N G 

We consult with your team to collaborate and build an agenda that would best serve the needs of your clients. From a single session to a six week course, The Deep End offers a range of workshops equipped to address a variety of topics and outcomes. Rates are customized depending on several variables such as location, length of contract and depth of curriculum. Factors such as age and gender play a role in determining the best structure for the workshop.  The recommended capacity is 8-15 participants and between 2-4 hours. Workshops are ideal for professional development, staff training, and team building. For questions and an in depth description of deliverables, please contact us at


Chacha Sands is a creative consultant and entrepreneur based in Portland, Oregon. She has led over 100 creative process workshops for teens, families and individuals seeking emotional support and empowerment. Her personal experience and training has allowed her to guide participants with deep empathy and compassion that creates a safe and supportive environment for others to do their deepest work.

Upcoming Workshops


To enroll in our upcoming workshops located in Portland, OR, please follow the link: Warm Up Wednesdays at WeWork
Price: $25.00 per person // $35.00 for party of two // $55 for party of three // Half-priced enrollment for multiple sessions

January 2 - Reflection
WeWork Custom House - 220 NW 8th Ave · Portland, OR · Room 2F · 1:00-3:00

January 9 - Detox
WeWork Custom House - 220 NW 8th Ave · Portland, OR · Room 3B · 1:00-3:00

January 16 - Destress
WeWork Custom House - 220 NW 8th Ave · Portland, OR · Room 3B · 1:00-3:00

January 23 - Resolution
WeWork Pioneer Place -  700 SW Fifth Avenue · Portland, OR · Room 3C · 1:00-3:00

January 30 - Empowerment
WeWork Custom House - 220 NW 8th Ave · Portland, OR · Room 3B · 1:00-3:00